The Definity Insurance Foundation is a national philanthropic organization that works with charitable partners across Canada to address barriers to good health, socio-economic opportunity, and climate-related challenges by supporting initiatives that focus on the roots and impacts of inequality.

Our focus areas and strategies guide our granting partnerships. In each area we are prioritizing initiatives that are led by and work directly with Black, Indigenous, other racialized peoples, with an eye to including women and youth at the intersection of these identities.

We are specifically focused on partnering with intermediaries and funder and community collectives that:

  • Support community-led decision making
  • Flow funds to community
  • Build capacity
  • Share learning
  • Facilitate shared community voice, advocacy and mobilization
  • Address inequities


We aim to increase the health and well-being of equity-deserving and Indigenous peoples and their communities. We are driving toward solutions that consider the broad range of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that determine individual and population health, in order to achieve more equitable health outcomes.

  • Our strategies support:

    • Equity-deserving and Indigenous peoples and communities to engage in public policy, advocacy, civic engagement, and/or grassroots mobilization, thereby enhancing the level of control and influence they have over the factors that impact their health and wellbeing.
    • More community food strategies to bring about solutions to food insecurity and increase access to healthy food and community resilience.


We aim to reduce the effects of social and economic inequality, by advancing greater civic and social inclusion and more inclusive economic opportunities, especially for equity-deserving and Indigenous peoples and their communities.

  • Our strategies support:

    • More representative community leadership
    • Communities to solve social challenges and implement change
    • Entrepreneurs to have the supports needed to start and scale their business
    • The advancement of decent work
    • The creation of green jobs
    • Increase access to financial tools and services
    • The mobilization of private capital for social good


We aim to build community resilience to the negative impacts of climate change. We are looking to support solutions that contribute to slowing the speed of climate change while supporting community-led adaptation, thereby leading the way to a more just and equitable future for everyone.

  • Our strategies support:

    • Innovations at the intersection of climate and health
    • Indigenous-led climate action
    • Grassroots environmental advocacy
    • Just transitions to a low-carbon economy



Our mission: The Foundation works with charitable partners across Canada to tackle inequity, barriers to good health and opportunity, and climate-related challenges.

Our vision: A healthy, equitable, and flourishing world


The work of the Foundation is grounded in:

Honouring our legacy of co-operative action, we work with and through others to strengthen the common good.

Demonstrating trust and ensuring good stewardship, we enhance the impact of our selected charitable partners and other stakeholders.

Believing philanthropy must advance equity, we invest in change that makes Canada and the world more inclusive.