The Definity Insurance Foundation is a national philanthropic organization that works with charitable partners across Canada to advance community-led solutions that further climate, health, and socio-economic justice, with a particular focus on those faced by Black, Indigenous, and other racialized communities.


About the Definity Insurance Foundation

The Definity Insurance Foundation was the recipient of $100 million of the proceeds of the demutualization of the Economical Mutual Insurance Company. This is a charitable legacy that honours a century and a half of serving Canadians, as well as past and present policyholders and employees. In support of that legacy, the Economical Mutual Insurance Company has committed to donating to the foundation one percent of its net profit before tax to the foundation for at least a period of five years following its 2021 demutualization.

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Our Funding Priorities

We support a variety of initiatives across Canada, prioritizing strategic funding of underserved causes that have a measurable effect on the quality of life of individuals and our communities.

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Our Board of Directors

Our board members were selected from a national list for their broad range of experience in the corporate world and the charitable sector.

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