Headshot of Shauna SylvesterThe Definity Insurance Foundation is thrilled to announce Shauna Sylvester as the inaugural Senior Fellow in advancement of Climate Justice and equitable climate action in Canada. The Senior Fellows Program will bring together subject matter experts, thought leaders and visionaries, to advance community-led solutions that further climate, health, and socio-economic justice.

The Senior Fellows Program provides an avenue to harness the wisdom, knowledge, views, and experiences of leaders and communities while providing an opportunity for continued growth, connection, and knowledge mobilization. Over the next three years, Shauna will bolster the Foundation’s capacity to advance climate justice and work with us as a thought partner as we navigate the complexities of equitable climate action.

We are delighted to welcome Shauna as the first Senior Fellow of the Definity Foundation. She brings invaluable knowledge and expertise that will help guide our mutual work, build our collective networks of climate leaders across Canada, contribute to field-building efforts, and support systems change initiatives to advance climate justice”, says Arti Freeman, President and CEO, Definity Insurance Foundation.

Shauna is currently the Founder and Lead Convenor for the Urban Climate Leadership project at Makeway. Urban Climate Leadership is a collaborative initiative which is all about the power of cities and local governments in shaping our future. The project aims to remove obstacles for cities, local governments and indigenous-led communities to accelerate equitable climate action. This will include issue identification, community consultation and policy advocacy with municipal decision-makers and moving forward action plans on those key issues.

“I’m very excited to join The Definity Insurance Foundation community as a Senior Fellow. I am deeply committed to the Foundation’s purpose of advancing community-led solutions that address systemic barriers and inequities. The Foundation has a talented staff team, an experienced board and an impressive community of partners and I know I will learn a great deal from them. I also look forward to collaborating on research, planning and programming that creates more just, healthy and resilient communities in Canada”. Shauna Sylvester, Senior Fellow