Granting to organizations addressing climate, health, and economic inequities through community-driven decision-making

Working with charitable partners across Canada, the Definity Insurance Foundation is thrilled to announce $7.1 million in multi-year commitments to support innovative community-led initiatives.

Our approach to granting is grounded in community, integrity, and justice. These first grants demonstrate commitment to respecting the self-determination of Black, Indigenous, and other equity-deserving groups, those who are driving solutions to challenges they are disproportionally impacted by.

“We believe people closest to the issue are those who truly understand the need, challenge, and the opportunities to address them,” says Definity Insurance Foundation CEO, Arti Freeman “As philanthropists and as a new foundation, we are here to learn, listen and support communities in meeting their self-defined needs.”

The Foundation is excited to be supporting the work of organizations and initiatives that are addressing inequities and barriers to good health, socio-economic opportunities, and climate-related challenges. These include:

“We are committed to building relationships that are mutually beneficial, while staying informed on the insights and ingenuity of groups addressing pressing systemic challenges through community-led action. We are here to learn and amplify their work,” says Freeman.

The Foundation is committed to making a difference, not only in what we fund but also in how we collaborate and learn from those we fund,” says Board Chair, Willy Robinson. “We have a unique opportunity as a new foundation to learn from other funders and adopt best practices.  We are excited to forge forward in a way that speaks to our values and commitment to communities across Canada. We will share what we learn and continue to be informed by community as we evolve.”

Definity Insurance Foundation was the recipient of proceeds of the demutualization of the Economical Mutual Insurance Company (now known as the Definity Insurance Company) to honour a century and a half of serving Canadians, and past and present policyholders and employees across Canada. The Foundation continues to collaborate with the Definity Insurance Company to drive positive social impact. The Company contributes 1% of their pre-tax profits to the Foundation to support the betterment of communities across Canada.